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For Men: 10 Tips For Dealing With A Divorce

Divorce is never easy, and this article isn’t going to take the pain and work away from dealing with it. However, it might help you deal with the practical and emotional side of divorce.

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#1 Put kids first

Do not lie to the kids, it's disrespectful and kids can read vibe. They know when their parents aren't okay. Become co-parents and negotiate on behalf of the kids. Do not use the kids as leverage, ever.

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#2 Cope with your emotions in a healthy way

If you are sad or depressed, recognize and accept these emotions. Avoid coping with negative emotions by drinking or engaging in other harmful behavior. Find a positive outlet for your emotions. Maybe try talking with a close friend or therapist.

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#3 Take care of yourself

Self-care can be hard for anyone who is stressed or depressed. But, not taking care of yourself only makes things worse. Exercise is a great outlet for stress. Plus, if offers a number of health benefits too. Meditation or yoga is another excellent way to take care of yourself.

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#4 Give yourself enough time to move on

Resist the urge to move on to a new relationship immediately. Take time to grieve and process the breakup. Jumping into a new relationship right away will only lead to regret later on. Rebound relationships rarely last as they tend to be based on dependence.

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#8 Consider working on the marriage

Divorce is pricey and often unnecessary. People simply stop appreciating one another, boundaries are broken, respect is lost and the entire relationship goes down a negative path. It doesn't have to continue that way. Most couples say they would salvage their marriage if they had a way.

The problem is they often try couples therapy or marital counseling and spend too much time blaming one another than creating something new. Coaching focuses on progress and offers couples specific exercises that are customized for them and their specific issue. Most commonly it's a communication breakdown and sloppy language. If there is love at the core, it can be salvaged provided both partners commit to the work. There is no magic pill.

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#9 If divorce is imminent commit to the process and do NOT date anyone

If divorce is imminent commit to the process and do NOT date anyone until a year after you're divorced. Men often get hit hard post-divorce. Emotional and financial rebuilding is the top priority. The majority of men start dating while getting divorced which is always a dramatic mess. Avoid going wild trying to reclaim your youth with young women, late nights partying, drugs and alcohol.

Instead go inward and fully commit to your healing. Realize that you cannot do it alone and build a support team to help you. Even if the man wants the divorce he still will have a period of adjustment and settling into his new life.

Contributor: Lisa Concepcion from

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