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Does His Name Make Him The Most Romantic?

Year on year Valentine’s day fills hearts around the world with love, joy and occasionally disappointment. Well the latter could now be avoided from this moment onwards as Romeo’s across the UK are celebrated, with those who shower their loved ones in the most romantic way named in a recent study by one of the UK’s leading online florists Serenata Flowers.

The data uncovered that traditional romance is still very much alive, with 94% of men in England opting for flowers as their first choice in keeping the spark alive. A brand new name generator tool reveals that men named David in England, Craig in Scotland and Andrew in Wales sent the most flowers whilst Richard, Tom and Jim were the least generous. Of flower senders, a heart-warming 94% of men in England and Scotland opted to buy petals, whilst in Wales only 89% of men shared their love this way.

Red roses instantly convey romance and continue to pull at the heart strings of many, so it comes with little surprise that in the UK nothing says “I love you” more than a fresh bouquet of flowers. In England alone thousands of bouquets were sent with men choosing to give flowers over any other gift type, closely followed by gift sets, gift message cards, balloons and vases.

Could flower giving lead to a strong and successful relationship? According to ONS marriage rate statistics UK towns with the highest flower senders also have the highest flower purchases; In Kent, England there were 7298 marriages and a whopping 846 flower senders. The power of the flower has been appreciated for many centuries since they first appeared sometime between 250 and 140 million years ago. These powerful buds of nature not only help to boost emotional health and mood, but also inject sweet scents and stunning colour into our lives everyday.

It seems chivalry is most certainly not dead in London England’s capital city as 96% of men chose flower giving to share a loving gesture with Nicolas being the most extravagant, whilst only 4% of women deciding to send flowers. Those named Amanda were the most thoughtful, followed by Alison, Sharon, Taiwo and Tina.

Now there’s no need for heartbreak for those that may have been accidentally left out by cupid’s arrow on Valentine’s day; maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands not just on the most loving day, but all year round as your Romeo may be closer than you think. The name generator tool by Serenata Flowers reveals the names of the top lothario’s per city and region in just seconds, you may just be surprised at the outcome!

With an increase in digital gift giving, the UK floristry industry has taken note continuing to adapt to the ever-changing digital demand with services including next day delivery and special personalisation. This study shows that traditional gift giving is still very much a viable option for many with buying and sending flowers now easier than ever.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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