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Being A Teacher Isn’t That Easy

Teaching is one of the most respectful professions as it shapes the minds of others. Thus, making a substantial difference in the world.

One can pursue teaching certification in the subject of interest and find a teaching job in that field, but the question is, is teaching an easy job? Many people think that being a teacher is easy but how incorrect is that! Let us have a look at the benefits as well as the drawbacks of being a teacher:

Working life as a teacher

Life of a teacher is quite interesting and thought-provoking at the same time. An educator interacts with multiple students with various types of mindset, comprehends them being a part of their lives. If you believe you are the right fit for the role, you may ask yourself why not to become a teacher?

The type of teacher one wants to become is completely dependent on a person! One might stick to the good, old textbook oriented education methodologies. Or, one could bring about modernization in the education methods and make it more interesting for the students. For instance, the innovative person might ask his/her students to look for to make their minds, think harder and become more active. Giving students argumentative essay topics opens up their minds and makes learning a fun experience!

Rewards accompanied by being a teacher

  • The most substantial reward of being in this occupation is the job satisfaction that it brings. Not to forget, the joy and happiness accompanied after sharing valuable knowledge with people, shaping their thoughts and seeing the positive outcomes they may show.
  • Teaching comes as an opportunity to meet different, wonderful people. An educator gets to comprehend the minds of many and gets to know their thinking and ideology too. Isn’t that enlightening as an individual?
  • An educator undoubtedly plays a significant role in bringing about a positive change in society. He/she shapes the way students perceive life by imparting important life lessons through different assignments like writing on short argumentative essay topics or giving students sample argumentative essay topics and asking them to come up with their own essays research papers, etc.
  • Knowingly or unknowingly, teachers usually become a role model for others. It is an occupation highly respected by everyone in society.
  • This profession demands continuous thinking, taking most flexible courses, implementing newer ideas, learning about new things and teaching them further. This keeps their brain very active and creative at all times. A teacher’s mind is always growing!
  • In our era of technological advance a teacher may also be available online helping others – students and not only – and feel happy doing so. For example, they may cooperate with online writing services. As a result, looking for a qualitative essay database for the best help and finding it, students may learn something useful and new and conclude that great, kind and talented teachers do exist.
  • Who doesn’t like trying out challenging things? This noble profession of educating others is always accompanied by new challenges. At the same time, it provides the opportunity to learn new things regularly.

Challenges faced as a teacher

  • A profession as noble as this one requires a tremendous amount of composure and patience to effectively survive in the field.
  • Teaching directly affects one’s private life too. Whether one likes it or not, he or she is likely to end up taking homework papers or assignments of students for grading. This affects the routine of home life. Also, it is time-consuming to be occupied in school work after the working hours.
  • The profession can turn out to be very demanding. For instance, if you wish to incorporate something new, you might not receive the required encouragement or appreciation for it. This affects a teacher’s mental health too.
  • An educator needs always to be updated with what’s happening around the world, especially in his/her field of teaching. When a teacher doesn’t have enough knowledge, how will he/she teach the students? Thus, a teacher remains a learner for life!
  • No matter how much one denies it, the profession is not valued as much as its counterparts. Even today, the salary in this job is less compared to others, which require the same amount of rigorous work and effort.
  • Managing students isn’t simple at all! There might be those who don’t want to work hard at all and always try to find a shorter route to success. Though referring to essay sites to find example argumentative essay topics helps to widen the student’s horizon, some of them misuse it by just copying the content if they find texts online. They may also order writing by professionals, which may also be not beneficial for the learners.
  • At any time, there might be students who are too notorious. Or, some might be facing health or depression issues, and a teacher has to do his/her best to create a friendly atmosphere and calm environment around!
  • Another factor that comes as a pointer here is that a teacher always needs to plan his/her life around the school only. That is, for planning a get-together, meeting or a family vacation, the duration needs to be set as per the school. Only during school vacations, one becomes free to plan something out for themselves.

One can’t deny that there are quite a few challenges in the field of teaching. However, educating others is still one of the noblest professions in the world. It is a teacher who is responsible for creating good engineers, doctors, artists, etc. It won’t be much easy, but definitely worth it!

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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