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Yacht Yearning – How to Decide if a Yacht is the Right Vessel for You

As a water rat named Ratty once said to a mole in Kenneth Graham’s classic tale “The Wind in the Willows.”© “…There is nothing –absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

Whilst the advice of a fictional rat may not generally be the best place to get purchasing advice, Ratty had a point. Boats are a fantastic way to spend time, and offer a wonderful way to have fun while fully experiencing nature. So, if you’re thinking about buying yachts for sale UK, how do you decide if it is the perfect one for you? Here is my guide to see if a yacht maybe your ideal nautical vessel.

Speed and Horsepower:

When one often thinks of yachts and yachting, they either think of sailing yachts or picture expensive luxury. Now, who also thinks of a fast motor with that luxury? If you are willing and able to make a purchase, there are many motor yachts for sale.

If you’re a person who likes to feel the force of an engine and feel the speed on the water, then motor yachts can be great, not to mention a faster way to travel to a destination via water. Motor yachts are also quieter than their diesel counterparts so that while you get the speed, you don’t necessarily have to hear the engine chugging through the process.

Boating/Marine licence:

To travel in Australian waters at any speed, whether it is a motor powered or sailing vessel, you will require a marine licence. This applies to any registered boat in the state of Victoria.

Please check with your relevant state’s laws in reference to the use of waterways and the relevant boat licence that is required.

Just like purchasing any vehicle, it is best to consider this in your out of pocket and ongoing expenses before purchase. The cost of a for a marine licence in Victoria, according to VicRoads, is from $36.10 for a one year licence and up to $180.50 for a five-year licence.

If you are using this as a personal watercraft for your own use and travel, a Personal Watercraft endorsement is also required. With this included, fees are $41.20 for one year to $206.00 for five yers.

Size and type of yacht:

Are you looking for a powered catamaran (double-hulled vessel) or a sailboat?

When choosing a yacht, it is best to understand the size and the type of vessel you have in mind. Not all sizes are the same and what many see moored as a “yacht” nowadays can look quite large, appearing to look like a cruise ship.

According to, “the method for measuring length varies depending on its purpose.”

So whether you have a sailboat or a motor yacht, if you plan to moor it while travelling, it is best to know how the marinas in the area will measure your boat, in order to save on mooring fees.

Living on The Water:

While an area like the French Riviera or the Greek islands may make it sound romantic, it is wise to think if living afloat is the right choice for you. If doing so with another person, you have to make absolutely certain they agree as well.

According to, “Do not attempt to live aboard if your partner is not game.” For as much as it can be much cheaper than renting a house, and potentially a lower mortgage ($10,000 to 200,000 depending on the boat) there are a number of challenges.

These can include potential leaks, limited space and don’t think about it if you get motion sickness. The best way is to select your type of vessel as those such as a trawler will have more space than a small sailboat.

So when it comes to choosing which yacht is the right choice for you, I hope I have made the waters a little calmer and the swells not so large. Happy sailing!

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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