Action List: 3 Easy Steps (1/29)

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  1. Highlight areas as you read
  2. Review your highlighted copy and action items several chapters at atime on a timely basis
  3. Check-in with your progress

When I’m reading a book for the first time, certain phrases and ideas suddenly “jump” off the page at me! I highlight the text (whether using my Kindle or reading an actual book) immediately!I’ve realized that these concepts/ideas that jump off the page at me right off-the-bat are things that demand my attention for a good reason, so I pay attention to them and highlight them!I make an “action list” (on the “note” section of my phone or an actual sheet of paper) of what items I can do *right now* and implement that strategy into my schedule immediately. If I can’t implement the strategy right now, I still add the idea/concept to my action list for later implementation.

Contributors: Allison Constantino from A.M. Productions, Inc.

Written by Ben Skute

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