Apparel Brands (2/6)

Given the event’s appeal throughout the world, many brands choose to establish a connection to it in order to capitalize on its popularity and appeal to fans/consumers throughout the world.

Athletic apparel companies are so-called “endemic sponsors”, given their product is part of the sport and used by the players. While national teams do deals for their team uniforms, players are allowed to wear footwear of their own choice. Therefore, the apparel brands compete for both being the provider of team uniforms and endorsements for players’ footwear. Nike and Adidas are the most prominent brands in both cases. In the last World Cup in Brazil, each of the two semi-finals pitted a Nike team against an Adidas team (Brazil vs. Germany and Netherlands vs. Argentina). Both matches were won by the Adidas team; however, the only goal in the final between Germany and Argentina was scored by Germany’s Mario Götze with Nike shoes.

Written by Vassilis Dalakas

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