Argentina (5/6)

Key Player: Lionel Messi

Last World Cup Finish: Runners Up (2nd)

Lead by the greatest player to ever touch a football, Lionel Messi, Argentina have a better chance than most at lifting the highly coveted trophy. While Messi has never set the world on fire on the international stage, he is always capable of pulling off the apparent impossible. Off the back of a particularly strong season with Barcelona, he will be out with a point to prove.

On top of the magical Messi, you have a whole host of talent ready to show their capabilities. With the Juventus duo of Gonazlo Higuain and Paulo Dyabala as well as Machester City legend Sergio Aguero, they have quite possibly the greatest set of attackers to grace a team at once. Their defence also has come quality with Premier League defenders Otamendi and Marcus Rojo. The only worry will be a relatively average midfield, which while it contains one of the best defensive midfielders of all time in Mascherano, the rest leave something to be desired and they could lack a certain creative spark that is required to go the whole way in a competition like the World Cup.

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