Cristiano Ronaldo vs Portsmouth (2008) (8/12)

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CR7 2nd Goal free kick vs Portsmouth (H) 07-08 HD 720p by Omar MUCR7.wmv

Cristiano Ronaldo 2nd Goal free kick vs Portsmouth (H) 07-08 (EPL). Main Youtube Channel: --- Note: is not real HD in fact there's no HD cap for this match but this's best quality that you can got it guys from SD Quality Enjoy :) by Omar MUCR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the biggest and best greats to have ever embraced the footballing world, and it was moments of sheer brilliance like this inclusion that propelled him to the top. Already wowing people with his stunning performances, there was an air of anticipation when Ronaldo won a free-kick thirty-five yards out from the goal. 

What followed next was one of the most shocking and brilliant bits of genius that would revolutionize and change the game going forward forever. Blasting the ball over the wall, the power and dip Ronaldo put on the free kick sent it flying into the top corner of the goal and triggered a deep ‘wow’ from anyone fortunate enough to watch it. The more you see it, the more you get an understanding of how much Ronaldo did to that ball. 

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