Matt Le Tissier vs Newcastle (1993) (7/12)

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GOL HISTORY #16: Le Tissier vs Newcastle

24 ottobre 1993: uno dei gol più belli della storia della Premier League. Estro, classe, eleganza. In una parola sola, Matt LeTissier Seguiteci su:

As remarkably gifted as he was loyal to his club, Matt Le Tissier was the very personification of grace in his hayday, and never was this better shown than his wonder goal against Newcastle. Picking up the ball in a bit of a no-danger situation, Le Tissier flicks the ball up and past three different defenders as he continues to race down on goal. 

The genius to pull off these innate bits of skill in the moment like he had been doing them for years really illustrated the brilliance of Le Tissier. 

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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