Cutting Down (10/34)

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Coffee does help my working day; but only to an extent. In my experience, caffeine can both be a savior and destroyer to your productivity. Earlier, I used to chug as many as 10 cups of coffee a day to get the caffeine kick and keep my eyes open to compensate the 4-hour sleep schedule I managed as an entrepreneur. But soon I realized that increasing caffeine intake isn’t a good strategy for lost sleep and I must figure out an alternative.

Now, I have capped my coffee intake to 4-5 cups a day and it’s one of the best decisions taken in my professional life. Moreover, the amount of sleep has also stretched to 6 hours. I sip a cup of coffee in morning only and when the urge to consume caffeine hits, I settle for healthy alternatives such as herbal tea or fresh orange juice.

Contributor: Ketan Kapoor from mettl

Written by James Metcalfe

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