‘Liquid Healthy Vitamin’ (11/34)

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Coffee is my number one thing that I must have to start the day! It is almost like my liquid healthy vitamin but not so much healthy when adding the creamer and sugar. Drinking coffee during the work day actually helps me focus and it provides a sense of energy with good vibes. It brings out the best results when I work on projects that require attention and focus. When I do not have coffee, my concentration is disturbed because the coffee is like a boost for me.

Strange thing about drinking coffee is that I am able to drink the strongest version of coffee and still manage to have a good night’s rest. I have tried to cut off coffee from my diet but it only made things worse since my concentration level was poor and it reflected in my work at times. Drinking coffee to increase productivity is my truth!

Contributor: Paula Orezi from teespring

Written by James Metcalfe

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