Dress sexy but ladylike, the same with the makeup (5/14)

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Wear makeup, but make is very natural. Arrive on time. After some initial introduction, do not talk but listen. Ask a flirtatious question, maybe about his work. For example, he is in finance. Ask: You must be very math gifted to work in finance. I really know so little about it. Never found out what APR is. They say that the mathematical formula APR follows is so complex.

The guy expands enthusiastically, and you nod, flirt with your eyes only, make eye contact and, at the end, exclaim: Thank you for explaining it so well! Now I understand it all! You also complied with the law and provided me with APR! Flutter your eyelashes, flutter your eye lashes, flutter your eyelashes. The guy laughs and happily tells you how smart you are.

Obviously, ask the question to what you know the answer, or read about it. During his speech, make meaningful comments. Pay for your meal at the end of the dinner. Depart. He would be dying to meet you again soon and will tire you with texts and calls. There is a drawback to this method: he will expect this to continue, he talking, you listening and making smart comments. On the other hand, he will be coming for more all the time.

Contributors: Natalya Alatyreva from Natalya Alatyreva

Written by Ben Skute

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