Gym In A Bag: Exercise Anywhere Anytime (21/25)

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The best way to integrate exercise into a busy life is to be able to exercise anywhere, at any time.

Finding the proper gym can be a tall order for many people who either don’t have the time or may shy away from any unfamiliar equipment. Our goal was to make achieving your fitness goals realistic for everyone with simple, effective tools that make integrating fitness into daily life an easy part of any person’s routine.

That is why the Pakama Sports Bag was created. Pakama Sports Bag allows users to train anywhere with 10 pieces of equipment replacing a whole gym in one lifestyle backpack, all combined with an app.  With the equipment packed into the lifestyle backpack along with the Pakama app, users have access to over 500 exercises to train in strength, endurance, mobility and stability completely independently.

Contributors: Sebastian Steudtner from Pakama Athletics

Written by Ben Skute

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