I Use HARO To Promote My Book (9/40)

I use HARO to promote my book. 

So many people’s eyes glaze over when we bring up technology – and especially security – and so I tried to build an entertaining story to keep people engaged. With the daily deluge of data breaches, ransomware attacks, fake news scams, and you-name-it, I keep hoping people will wake up. 

By now, I’ve probably done more than 500 HARO responses, and a few ended up quoted in blog posts. I learned many queries come from IT companies promoting their services and I don’t respond to those anymore. A few come from real news organizations. Two years ago, one HARO querier quoted me out of context and got me in trouble in my day-job. That taught me to be more careful when I respond. 

Many times, I have the perfect answer for the query; sometimes I even have a blog post that exactly addresses the article the querier wants to write. When I answer those and get silence in return, it’s frustrating. 

I keep thinking, I’m not going to pour more time into HARO queries, but then the next batch of queries arrives and I try one more, looking for that exposure that will trigger lots of book sales. If a few of the right people read my book and it stops just one major data breach, then it will be worth the trouble. 

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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