Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock (4/9)

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One of the biggest challenges companies undergoing innovation and transformations face, beyond the actual process of change management, relates to the hiring and retention of employees. One of the companies that has pioneered human capital management is Google and Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock, provides fascinating insights from the former SVP of People Operations at Google that show how the company succeeded in building perhaps the world’s greatest collection of talent.

From identifying a philosophy, important hiring practices, and engagement of talented individuals through goal alignment, Bock provides great detail relating to how companies can re-think an often-overlooked function (HR) that’s critical to a company’s success. The book is a must-read for leaders that seek to create lasting change by building high-performing teams.

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Contributors: Carlos Castelán from The Navio Group

Written by Taegan Lion

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