7 Fabulous Tips To Make Your Driveway Look Amazing

Have you ever walked past your neighbors driveway and thought “I wish mine looked as good as that”. Most people think they need to get a brand new driveway and spend thousands but in actual fact its a lot simpler than that. Here are a few quick and easy tips to getting that perfect driveway look you have always wanted.

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#1 Install Drive-Over LED Lights

Lighting is the perfect way to add that finishing touch and “wow” effect to your driveway. Installing specially-designed lights in your driveway that can be driven or walked over creates an atmospheric entrance to your property. And if you go for an LED option, they will hardly use any energy!

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#2 Make it Look Like New with Pressure Washing

I cannot overstate the visual effect pressure washing a driveway can have on the exterior aesthetics of a home. You can buy a decent pressure washer for under $200 or rent one from a local home improvement store for even less. Couple it with a surface cleaner attachment and within a couple of hours, a driveway can look almost brand new. It’s our most inexpensive weapon for dramatically increasing the curb appeal of a home’s exterior – especially on older homes.

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#3 Elevate Your Driveway Design With Good Lighting

Usually, a driveway is just a bleak area of your outdoor space that you can't get rid of due to its functionality. But it doesn't always have to be this way. You can easily make your driveway a standout area of your yard, all you need is some lights. Install solar lights (nowadays ones with unique designs can be bought in virtually any home improvement store) along the driveway to illuminate it and you will automatically make it aesthetically pleasing. While also helping yourself and your guests out by having a well-lit driveway.

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#4 Fix The Cracks

There are the complicated and expensive ways to make your driveway the coolest in the neighborhood and then there’s the simple maintenance.. Let’s face it cracks are ugly and as they deteriorate further, they’re more costly to fix. Cracks are also a hazard, and can seriously cause hurt to someone not paying attention. If not for you do it for resale.

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Written by Taegan Lion

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