90’s Accessories For Women

Super Affordable 90’s Accessories For Women!

The nineties, full of colour and, uh… daring fashion choices. Sometimes a good old bout of nostalgia is all we need, and with these affordable and cute 90’s style accessories, everyone you meet will be digging your vintage vibes!

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#1 Bubble Backpack

These bubble backpacks are sure to give you a funky alien vibe, and keep all your items cushioned inside! They are made of PVC and easy to inflate, and come in several colours. Not only are these fashionable and fun, they are super affordable and hard wearing!

#2 Black Elastic Choker

This style choker completely embodies the entire nineties era. It is simple, timeless and cute! Made of elastic for comfort and one size fits all. Pair with a dark Tee and some grungy nail varnish and embody the perfect look!

#3 Neon Fishnet Gloves

These bold fishnet gloves are perfect for when you want to get noticed! With several colour options to choose from, these gloves are great for dressing up, going to a party, or just for pulling together a colourful style. One size fits all.

#4 Snap Bracelets!

The perfect mix of retro fashion and fun, these snap bracelets are well known by grown up nineties kids around the world. Perfect for if you and your friends are dressing up and want to have a flashback. These bracelets come in several crazy patterns and are very durable!

#5 Metallic Scrunchies

Ah, a big, comforting hair scrunchie. Soft to the touch, stylish and fit for purpose, these scrunchies will keep your hair in place and looking fine! To really maximise the nineties vibe, go with a side ponytail, as shown, or a topknot.

#6 Vintage Leg Warmers!

Everyone thinks leg warmers when they think vintage. The most important part of any nineties inspired look, these leg warmers look good and will keep your ankles warm. At fifteen inches long, they are suitable for most people to use and come in a large range of colours and patterns.

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Written by Ashlee