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A Guide to Plan an Unforgettable Sunset Cruise Around Destin

Sunset cruises in Destin are a great way to enjoy a beautiful evening with loved ones. Whether you’re with friends, family, or by yourself, these cruises can be a highlight of your time in this destination.

Destin has comfortable evening temperatures of around 27 C. The views of the Florida sun setting over the city’s waters as you relax and a chill sunset cruise around Destin are always fantastic.

Most cruise companies offer food and other amenities onboard, so be sure to treat yourself and your loved ones to a night of fun on the water.

Find the Best Places to Visit

Consider departing from Crab Island and Harborwalk Village. These cruises are a quick way to enjoy a beautiful evening on a boat. You can rent a pontoon boat for a few hours to take a dinner cruise. Another option is to enjoy a sunset cocktail cruise with a group of friends before heading out for dinner ashore.

Start Early

Consider a variety of cruises, including a dinner cruise and a party barge. However, the most popular option, by far, is the sunset cruise. It’s a great way to catch the last few hours of daylight before the sun sets over the horizon in all its pink, orange, and purple glory.

Include Food and Drinks

Cruise out onto the water in a yacht or a catamaran and enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset over Destin. Cruise and boat rental companies also offer various other experiences, so be sure to check them out.

Alternatively, you can also choose to chill on a sunset cruise around Destin with a luxurious 24-ft boat that can accommodate up to six people comfortably. You can enjoy the incredible views of the sky and the ocean, and spot a couple or more dolphins, if you’re lucky.

Consider the Size of the Party

For a relaxed and intimate setting, choose a smaller yacht that seats around six to eight people maximum. However, it’s a great way to get quality time with your family or enjoy a romantic evening on the water with a loved one.

Consider the Size of the Boat

Choose a large party barge where you can enjoy a fun, relaxed atmosphere on the water. A smaller yacht is a great way to get out on the water with a loved one or a small group of friends. Cruise out onto the water, watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand, and enjoy a beautiful evening.

Rent a Pontoon

Rent a pontoon boat from a pontoon rental service for a few hours to take a dinner cruise or enjoy a chill sunset cruise around Destin with a group of friends before heading out for dinner ashore at one of Destin’s many great restaurants.

Try New Things

Enjoy a sunset cruise on a modern catamaran with a large sundeck and a bar right on board for a relaxing, fun night out in the water.

It is recommended you work with experienced travel agents or boat rental services while planning your cruise. These experts can guide you on places to visit, restaurants to check out, and activities you may enjoy.

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