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8 Pampered Celeb Pets That Will Give You Serious Lifestyle Envy.

Did you know that Oprah has a £30 million trust fund for her four beloved dogs?… Yeah you heard, 30 million. Karl Lagerfeld’s designer kitty, Coupette, travels everywhere with Karl on private jets and has its own maid! And Paris Hilton loves her animals so much, she made them a miniature Beverley Hills Mansion to live in.

But which of these pets earns the top spot as The Most Pampered Pet? Vote for your fave now!

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#1 Miss Asia: Official BatPig Queen

??? #versace #queen

21.1k Likes, 344 Comments - Miss Asia (@missasiaxoxo) on Instagram: "??? #versace #queen"

Lady Gaga's French Bulldog, Miss Asia, has her own thrown bed complete with Versace pillow. 

#2 Bo Obama: Presidential Pup

Mom says physical activity is important ?

69 Likes, 4 Comments - Bo Obama (@obama_dog) on Instagram: "Mom says physical activity is important ?"

Barack Obama's Portuguese Water Dog, Bo, is not only adorable, but arguably the most privileged pet on this list. Bo spent the last 8 years frolicking in the grounds of the White House with the President, and flying via private jet on family vacations.

#3 All the dogs owned by Paris Hilton

Happy Birthday Mom! ??????? #DoggyMansion

5,357 Likes, 146 Comments - Paris Hilton's Pets (@hiltonpets) on Instagram: "Happy Birthday Mom! ??????? #DoggyMansion"

No pooch list would be complete without the queen of dog-lovers herself, Paris Hilton! This canine fanatic has as many as 30 animals currently in residence at her stunning bespoke pet mansion in Bel-Air.

Pooches include Peter Pan, Dollar, Mugsy, Dolce, Prada, Harajuku Bitch, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Babybear, Prince the Pom Hilton, Princess Paris and Tinkerbell. 

#4 Choupette: Ultimate Feline Fashionista

Happy #FathersDay Daddy @karllagerfeld. Thank you for bringing me into the (fashion) world. ?

7,210 Likes, 110 Comments - Choupette Lagerfeld (@choupettesdiary) on Instagram: "Happy #FathersDay Daddy @karllagerfeld. Thank you for bringing me into the (fashion) world. ?"

Karl Lagerfeld's designer puss is possibly the coolest kitty ever. She attends the hottest fashion shows, flies with Karl in his private jet, gets regular manicures and has her own personal maid.

#6 Giggy Vanderpump: The Cutest Pup With Alopecia Ever.

With mistress in Palm Springs

448 Likes, 21 Comments - Giggy Vanderpump (@giggyvanderpump) on Instagram: "With mistress in Palm Springs"

Anybody who watches Real Housewives of Beverley Hills or Vanderpump Rules will be familiar with Lisa Vanderpump's prize pup, Giggy. Although Lisa V has a number of dogs, ponies and even two Swan's, Giggy is her pride and joy. Gigs has doggy Alopecia, so to keep him warm he wears these seriously cute rompers.

#7 Meredith Swift: Most Grumpy Cat With Incredible Life.

I, Dr. Grey, can confirm that I am in fact, allergic to joy.

3,226 Likes, 182 Comments - Meredith Swift (@meredithswift) on Instagram: "I, Dr. Grey, can confirm that I am in fact, allergic to joy."

Despite her grumpy gurns, Meredith Swift is one seriously pampered kitty. Meredith and her sister Olivia are owned by Taylor Swift; Cat-mad Taylor has Instagram accounts for both her kitties and they have have rubbed their furry shoulders with some of Hollywood's most famous celebs, including Ed Sheeran and Gigi Hadid.

#8 Biggy Pop: Cockatoo Legend and Best Friend of Iggy Pop.

Bird is the word. #SurfinBird #BiggyPop Birdsofinstagram #Moluccan #cockatoosofinstagram #birds #ff #Thetrashmen #dancing #IggyPop #morning

8,947 Likes, 718 Comments - BiggyPop (@biggypop) on Instagram: "Bird is the word. #SurfinBird #BiggyPop Birdsofinstagram #Moluccan #cockatoosofinstagram #birds..."

Biggy Pop and Iggy Pop have the most adorable friendship ever. Biggy Pop, Iggy's cockatoo BFF do everything together and share their musical exploits on Biggy's Instagram. Check out their seriously cute duet to A Bird Is The Word!

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