7 More Great Gadgets For Vegetarians

Have fun with your lifestyle and enjoy some of the tastiest food you’ve ever had with these seven great gadgets that every single vegetarian kitchen needs to own.

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#1 Avacado Saver

Absolutely rammed with over twenty different vitamins and minerals and enough fiber to keep you feeling full throughout the day, avocados are an absolute staple in any healthy vegetarian diet. This nifty little gadget will help keep any unfinished avocados fresh and ready to eat at a later time!

#2 Spiralizer

This is a must for any vegetarian. Sometimes the vegetarian life can get a little boring, well it won’t with this spiralizer. It comes with five different ways to slice your veggies. It makes eating veggies fun!

Contributor: Caleb Backe from calebbacke

#3 Zoku Popsicle Maker

It may be hard to avoid sweets as a vegetarian, but with your own popsicle maker, you can have a healthy frozen treat in as little as seven minutes. They are perfect for entertaining family or friends. They also have a drip guard, so nothing will get on your couches or your carpet.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from calebbacke

#4 Calphalon High Speed Blender

With a six-point stainless steel blade, a powerful 1100-watt motor and a 2 litre jar, the Calphalon Auto Speed Blender is easily one of the most useful gadgets to have around a vegetarian kitchen. Brilliant for making everything from smoothies to soups, it has the added benefit of being one of the more stylish products out in the market right now!

#5 Simply Vegetarian App

Never find yourself at a loss or without inspiration over what to make yourself with one of the most handy apps for any vegetarian out there. Absolutely free to download, Simply Vegetarian comes with hundreds of different recipe ideas for all diets, and parties of all sizes.

#6 GreenBeat Burger Press

Never miss out on the perfect barbecue food ever again! GreenBeat's perfect press lets you make your own chef-level sliders, stuffed patties or just plain classic burgers! With three features in one single device, you're sure to be amazed over the ease in which you can produce the most beautiful and, of course, delicious burgers you've ever made!

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Written by James Metcalfe

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