Helpful Tips To Prepare Your Horse for Long-Distance Travel

Traveling with a large animal can make people nervous. You must take special precautions when you travel with your horse. Using these helpful tips to prepare your horse for long-distance travel may curb your anxiety when you hit the road.

Plan Your Route Accordingly

Developing a travel strategy depending on current weather conditions and traffic patterns might be crucial for your horse’s welfare and composure. You should include rest stops in your plan. It isn’t advisable to unload your horse during these stops, but you should open the windows and allow fresh air inside the trailer. You might want to travel at night to avoid the traffic and cooler temperatures, especially when you consider that the trailer may be 15-plus degrees hotter in the middle of a hot day.

Keep Them Hydrated

Staying on top of your horse’s hydration is integral when traveling long distances. Your horse must have fresh water every three to six hours. Horses can be stubborn with their water preferences, so it’s wise to bring a supply from home to encourage them to drink.

If you can’t bring water from home, you can try flavored water that tickles your horse’s fancy. It’s possible your equine needs an electrolyte boost, making Gatorade a possible solution. However, only supply Gatorade if there is no other option.

Use Box Stalls

If you only have a basic standing stall, you might think about moving to a box stall to reduce your horse’s discomfort when commuting. Standing stalls cramp horses because they’re only a tad bigger than the width of a horse’s body.

You won’t confine your horse when you use a box stall. They should have no issues moving their head freely or lying down if they are tired of standing. You can think of how they feel by picturing yourself in the middle seat on a long, bumpy ride.

Consider Their Allergies

Horses are sensitive to allergens in the environment. Dust can strain your horse’s eyes and create respiratory complications. While riding in a trailer, your horse will be more content if you give them additional support, but that bedding will have to be dust-free. If you know that dust will be a problem, or if your horse is particularly sensitive to it, consider ways to eliminate the problem before it becomes an issue.

With these helpful tips to prepare your horse for long-distance travel, you shouldn’t have too much trouble driving cross-country with your horse. Do whatever you can to make them comfortable, and you should have a happy camper when you get to your destination.

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Written by Logan Voss

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