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Dos and Don’ts for Betting on Football

Football is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable sports to bet on. With a whole host of betting options available, and plenty of games, teams and competitions to choose from, there is something for every bettor when it comes to football. However, having a love for the game and being a super supporter of the sport do not guarantee you success as a bettor. Take a look at our guide in order to learn the ‘dos and don’ts’ when it comes to betting on football.


Have a game plan

You may know a lot about football, you may love the game, and you may know a lot about betting. However, these things alone are not likely to be a measure of success when it comes to betting on football. The key thing is to make sure that, like any successful footballing team and manager, you have a solid game plan. Decide what you are going to bet on and the type of bet you are going to use – in game play, accumulators, winners etc. and when you are going to bet. Having a plan means making sure that you know what you are aiming to get out of football betting and this will guide your bank roll and decisions.

Your research

Betting on football is about knowing the teams and the players and the form that they are in. Check out Footy Accumulators and their best bet each day to hopefully increase your odds of winning. You should also be reading match reports and keeping up to date with player fitness to help you to make the most of your money through making informed bets. Football is awash with useful statistics, and it is important to make sure that you read and interpret them carefully and use them to inform your betting strategy.


Bet as a fan

We all have the team that we feel loyalty to and whose matches we never miss. They are the team that has our heart, but that doesn’t mean that they should get our money and our bets. Use your research to make informed decisions about the form of players and teams rather than betting with your heart.

Chase loses

Make a plan and stick to it. Every good bettor knows that chasing loses only leads to the game plan being ripped up. Take your mate’s word for it When looking for reliable information about form, make sure that you use an impartial source of information and not the lunchtime banter that you indulge in with your mates.

Forget the big events

Whilst there is plenty to bet on each weekend with the English leagues offering a glut of games from a variety of different leagues, you should not neglect the big footballing events like the FA Cup, League Cup, playoffs and the World Cup, these events are often big earning opportunities if you follow their build up, get to know their format and look at the players who are playing well during the competitions.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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