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How Does the Casino Industry Mix the Old with the New?

Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t always happen in the blink of an eye. For the casino industry, this wasn’t the case since the old ways of working were soon a little outdated. Thankfully, the new methods attracted players and customers in their hoards, leading to a market value currently in the tens of billions of dollars.  

The health of the sector isn’t in doubt. If anything, it appears as if the expansion will continue well into the next decade and beyond. What might be confusing is how the organizations managed to strike a perfect balance between the old and the new. Let’s clear things up for you.  

Embracing the Online Boom  

It’s hard to see the industry in such a position as it is now without the help of the online casino boom. The first remote establishment was opened in 1994, and by 2009, it was worth an estimated $23.73. However, the growth didn’t stop there as the value of the US market more than doubled within the next nine years. Therefore, it’s inevitable that the landscape of the industry had to change. Today, online casinos are not just more accessible – they are more user-friendly.   

Almost every casino, whether online or land-based, has a range of fundamental offerings that they provide to customers. Apart from online poker and video slots, there is a push towards live games such as live roulette where casinos use streaming technology to bring all the action to the screen. This new form of roulette, and many other classic games, allows providers to appeal to people who prefer to stay at home rather than attending in-person, giving them the opportunity to increase their customer base.  

Tweaking the Dress Code  

On the surface, it’s tempting to assume that the traditional dress code is no more. After all, visitors and guests to land-based establishments can pretty much wear whatever they want, within reason. Online users have the flexibility of playing from anywhere in whichever outfit is the most comfortable. However, this is for the guests. As far as the employees are concerned, nothing has altered.  

Consider the dealers and croupiers for a moment. It is most important than ever that they maintain the trend of dressing to impress. Firstly, the uniforms reflect the standards and quality of the company. Secondly, they still need to appear professional regardless of how many people bet in-person or in a live virtual format. This is because the inclusion of live games means that they are visible at all times. As a result, the new standards apply only to customers, whereas employees are held to traditional standards of appearance. 

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Working with iGaming  

The business of iGaming is very lucrative, with its global worth predicted to double in size. Perhaps in reaction to this, some land-based casinos have begun to adopt elements of this sector and have found it to be a successful innovation.

For instance, an iconic boardwalk casino in Atlantic City furnished its floor with a new iGaming lounge to boost its profits. It worked because an iGaming lounge in a bricks-and-mortar casino combines tradition with innovation. Similarly, online casinos offer traditional table games with live dealer options. This is a reflection of modern casino gaming, which is an amalgamation of much-loved traditions and technological advancement. This provides players with what they want, whether they are on the casino floor or at home on their laptop.

By mixing the new ways of working with the old ones, the casino industry as a whole is healthy and profitable.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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