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Consideration When Choosing Custom Belt Buckle

Besides custom challenge coins, the other popular item given to naval units and troops to show appreciation and celebrate their deployment is the custom buckle. This item can effectively demonstrate their respective team and when the units were deployed. In addition, custom buckles have many other applications depending on different occasions.

Belt buckles are customized similarly to custom challenge coins. There are also different types of products one can buy. However, learning how to choose the right belt buckle is essential. This is a unique accessory. Therefore, you need to select an item that suits your needs, depending on your style and personality. With the various options available, choosing the right one can sometimes be a complex challenge. However, below are essential tips to help you make the right purchase. They include;

1. Size

It is crucial to consider the size of your custom belt buckle. This depends on the frame. However, the standard length is between two to four inches. However, consider a design that will flatter your waist and the overall look. This diverts the attention away from the areas you want to hide.

2. Consider the type of finish and metal

There are different metals used to design belt buckles. Some, like zinc and pewter, are more affordable. However, gold, antique gold or silver, bronze, and copper are also available. You can have these metals sandblasted to give them a shinier look. The type of metal you select for your buckle affects its price.

3. Occasion 

There are different occasions where one may need to wear a customized belt buckle. Therefore, where do you plan to wear the buckled belt? Is it for a formal event where you have to wear traditional clothes? In such a case, you’ll need a smaller fastener. The finish should either be in gold or silver. However, if the buckle is for a casual occasion, you’re free to be creative. Consider bolder designs, colors, and even sizes. For your casual events, consider buckles that will make you stand out.

4. Type of buckle

There are different types of customized belt buckles one can choose from, including:

Themed custom belt buckle: You have different themes to choose from. They range from hip-hop, crossbones, skull, and classics. Some belt fasteners can also be designed with an image of your favorite actor or cartoon. This is necessary if you want a unique buckle. Nowadays, buckles also include LED lights securely attached. 

5. Easy to use

Find a belt buckle that is easy to use and maintain. This entirely depends on your lifestyle. Belt buckles come in many designs and styles. Therefore, consider the type most ideal for you. In addition, your buckle needs to be easy to clean, maintain, and use. Take, for example, belt fasteners designed with crystals. They may look good; however, the pieces may eventually fall off. This may also make the cleaning process much harder. Therefore, when choosing your belt, this decision is also based on how often you plan to use your custom belt buckle. 

In addition, you have to choose the best shape and design for your buckle. You can customize a buckle and then have it customized the buckle customized to your requirements. Also, compare different designers to buy from the ones within your budget.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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