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7 Amazing BodySuits To Try Right Now

Do you want to jump on the bodysuit trend but don’t know where to begin? Bodysuits have made a resurgence in the fashion industry.

Why should you wear a bodysuit? They’re super comfortable and convenient. They can help you create an outfit in just a few short minutes. Aside from comfort and style, they also come with features that can enhance your look.

They’re super easy to wear. It doesn’t take as much work to get in and out of a bodysuit as you think it does. Plus, it can be easily paired with some of your basics.

Bodysuits are also super flattering on the body. They do wonders when it comes to highlighting your best assets. Some bodysuits offer comfort, coverage, and support because of the level of work and details to enhance your body.

In addition, bodysuits come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles. You can stock on different kinds since there’s one for every reason and occasion. You can wear a form-fitting one to a rock concert or you can wear a basic one when you want to be cute and casual.

Even a bodysuit with a thong or plunging neckline can make you look super sexy. All of your best features will shine through. If you’re uncertain about wearing a bodysuit, then this guide will help you out.

Here are seven of the best bodysuits you should own from We Love Shag. Each bodysuit will give you an idea of how to rock this look. From casual to super sexy, there’s a bodysuit for everyone on the market.

1. The Strapless Lace Bodysuit

This bodysuit used to be known as sexy and provocative during the 1940s. It used to be paired with a blazer and pencil skirt. Nowadays, women are wearing this bodysuit with jeans and tennis sneakers. What makes this bodysuit so flattering is its feminine details such as ruffles and underwire cups. The stretchy neckline makes it comfortable enough to wear.

2. The Minimalist Bodysuit

Maybe you’re someone who’s a little more simple. Minimalist bodysuits come with criss-cross straps or in a strapless style. The great thing about the minimalist bodysuit is that it features a form-fitting shape and a ribbed texture. The clean neckline and the soft fabric completes this minimalist look. A black minimalist bodysuit looks best when paired with black leather pants or a denim skirt.

3. The Metallic Bodysuit

Metallic bodysuits also come in ribbed textures. The thick ribbing really brings out the shimmery elements. But you’ll want to save this bodysuit for your nighttime adventures. You’ll want to complete your look with dark denim jeans and strappy heeled sandals.

It’ll become the perfect piece to wear to the bar, nightclub, or restaurant. It’s also ideal for concerts and music festivals. You’ll want to wear this bodysuit all summer long.

4. The Ruffle Bodysuit

The ruffle bodysuit borrows from the prairie times. Some bodysuits come with a plunging neckline and feminine details. You’ll be a sexy prairie girl for sure. This is the perfect bodysuit to wear for special occasions such as brunch with the girlfriends or a daytime wedding.

5. The Off-Shoulder Bodysuit

This is another sexy bodysuit that should be worn for certain occasions. There’s something so elegant, polished, and refined about this bodysuit. Most off-shoulder bodysuits feature ruffles and short sleeves that make it the ideal choice for everyday summer wear. Some even come with a deep v-neck that makes it super romantic or sexy, depending on your look.

6. The Lingerie-Style Bodysuit

The lingerie trend is going strong for 2019. So, you’ll want to stock up the lingerie-style bodysuit. Unlike the other bodysuits on this list, it’s a dainty and new way of embracing the bodysuit trend. Some lingerie-style bodysuits come with features such as silk fabric, lace detailing, and skinny straps that make it look luxurious.

There’s also the corseted bodysuit. It’s one of the sexiest silhouettes you’ll ever own. You can wear a white corset-style bodysuit with a deep-plunging neckline. It’s perfect to wear with black ankle pants or skinny jeans. It’s versatile enough to be worn to the office or the nightclub.

7. The Blouse-Style Bodysuit

Blouse-style bodysuits are perfect for the office. Some come in a wide variety of prints such as floral print, houndstooth, plaid, or polka dots. It features a loose shape and plunging neckline that creates an attractive silhouette, which helps to enhance your shape. You can wear blouse-style bodysuit with a black denim skirt or city shorts.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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