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Unlocking The Potential Of Your Netflix Subscription

From its humble beginnings as an online DVD rental and sales website, Netflix has gone on to create a veritable streaming empire, spanning 190 countries around the globe.

That’s great and all, until you realize you probably don’t have access to more than half the shows and movies in their library unless you live in the US. And even then, Netflix has exclusive deals in other countries that even US citizens can’t access due to copyright issues. Can you believe Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t on US Netflix? What, are you supposed to get Hulu now?

More importantly, you can’t even access your own library if you happen to be abroad. Came back to the hotel after a long day of sightseeing and just want to unwind with a lighthearted comedy? Tough luck, they only have Modern Family on Netflix France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Greece.

Want Your Favorite Shows Anywhere?

Us too! Whether you’re a fan of foreign flicks or just want to watch the latest series without a pesky geo-block getting in the way, the easiest method is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN will connect your device to a remote server through a secured “tunnel.” This means a couple of things:

· Your IP address will be masked, making it seem as if you’re accessing Netflix from the country the server is located in

· Not only that, but nobody can trace that IP back to your location since you’re basically using the server’s own IP address

Best of all, a VPN will encrypt the data you send and receive through your device (i.e., make it unreadable to unwanted eyes). Nobody but you needs to know your credit card number, PayPal account, or that you want to watch a rom-com with a glass of wine on a Friday night.

VPN software can also be installed on almost any device, so you can watch your favorite Netflix shows:

  • At home, on a PC
  • While traveling on your phone or tablet
  • In the comfort of your hotel room on a laptop

It’s an excellent idea to get a VPN to protect your data if you’re on the go a lot. Just consider that hackers like to lurk around public Wi-Fi, and especially around hotel Wi-Fi.

Will Any VPN Do?

Not exactly. Netflix and other streaming platforms have caught on to people using VPNs to bypass their geo-restrictions pretty quickly. As such, a lot of VPN servers around the world get blocked consistently. Luckily, VPN providers are finding ways around this just as fast.

For example, this Private VPN review mentions the addition of “dedicated IPs” that are specifically used to unblock Netflix and other streaming services (such as BBC iPlayer in the UK). Dedicated IPs are currently available in 10 locations in 9 different countries (including Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, the UK, and US). And they don’t charge extra for the service, either.

As an important side note, keep an eye out when it comes to “free” VPNs. These types of services cost money to maintain, and free VPNs sell your data to advertisers and malicious third parties to keep their business running.

Some Netflix Geo-Exclusives

Now that we’ve got the serious stuff out of the way, you can start binge-watching series from anywhere in the world. But where do you even start? There are too many options now! Well, we’ve got you covered with a few cool Netflix shows and the countries you can watch them in. Simply set your VPN to a server in one of those countries and enjoy a new world of entertainment.

Doctor Who

Where to watch: Australia, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Romania, and Switzerland.

“The Doctor” is an iconic character that’s been around since the early 60s when the first-ever Doctor Who series aired on BBC TV. But we’re not making you watch 50-year-old shows, are we? No, this entry is reserved for the “new” series that started out in 2005.

Follow the zany, sometimes sad, always adventurous stories of a Time Lord simply called “The Doctor” as he travels through time in a… police phone box called the TARDIS. Look, just watch it – it’ll make more sense (or not) once you’ve binged the 11 series. Just in time for the new one in 2020!


Where to watch: Only on Netflix US.

If you’ve been looking for a VPN for Netflix, chances are there’s some US show you want to watch that’s not available in your area. Frasier is a bit of an oldie (pushing 26 years since it first aired), but it’s a timeless series about a cast of flawed people – who nonetheless are willing to work on those flaws.

It’s a comedy series about how good intentions can sometimes backfire. Beyond all the silliness you will find a wholesome time with a lovable cast that you’ll always be rooting for – rather than against them like in most sitcoms.

Parks & Rec

Where to watch: Only on Netflix US.

It seems the USA gets exclusive rights to a lot of good shows, and this includes Parks and Recreation. This Emmy-nominated comedy stars a troupe of lovable employees at a Parks and Recreation department.

Watch the energetic Leslie Knope and friends as they try to navigate around endless bureaucracy to improve the lives of the people in their hometown the best they can. Using… well, let’s say “wacky” approaches. Chris Pratt’s in it and you’ll love his goofball character.

Star Trek: Discovery

Where to watch: Anywhere but Netflix US and Canada.

A little something for the Trekkies, though perhaps you already know about this prequel to the story. If you didn’t, it’s a familiar yet fresh take on the classic formula. And if you weren’t into Star Trek before (maybe from J.J. Abrams’ films?), it’s an okay starting point. Especially if you want to dive into a huge universe with plenty of adventures to offer.



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Written by Nat Sauteed


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  1. I used to use ExpressVPN to unblock American Netflix when I was in Asia. It’s surprising just how different the video libraries are for each country.

  2. Tom Jane, I agree that it is very surprising. I have found out about these differences recently, and it was shocking. I use NordVPN for Netflix, I have read that Express is also good for it, however, I liked Nords price more.

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