16 Tips From Real Women (And A Few Men) On How To Build Confidence

When we truly value ourselves and possess high self-worth, we participate fully in our own lives without settling for less, without shrinking to fit in, without judging ourselves or others and without making others responsible for giving us the love, attention, and approval we need. We live our lives on our own terms.

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#1 Have the I 'can do it' attitude

Stepping out of your comfort zone will give you a better view of life and what's in store for you. Everyone starts from scratch and has learned to face their fears to reach their goals. 

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#2 Doing the right thing

I heard someone say once that you build confidence by doing the right thing. It's a statement you can apply to many facets of life - maybe you know you should break up with your boyfriend, or donate to that cause you really care about, or tell someone something they need to hear - you follow through with those situations where you know in your heart what the right thing is to do. 

That follow-through builds confidence, makes you more self-assured, and best yet leads you to live a life that's aligned with your values. 

Contributor: Mary Weidner


#8 Make a list of all your wins

Remembering what you’ve done right from childhood to today makes you realize that you are way better than you think! It could be from leading your group as class president to helping a mon find her lost son in a crowded shopping mall. All these personal wins have an impact on other people’s lives! 

Contributor: Fabienne Raphael 


#11 Read personal development books

My favorite one is The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. These books help you stretch your brain, but also understand where your limiting beliefs are and how to make things change for the better.

Suggested Reading: The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Looking for more books to read? Check out this article: The 25 Books Every Young Woman Should Read At Least Once In Their Life

Contributor: Fabienne Raphael


#13 Eliminate the unknown

Many women struggle with body image positivity which often results in increased anxiety and diminished confidence. Although this issue is typically rooted in a fear of not knowing how others perceive you, there are ways to improve your self-image and regain your confidence. 

Many people alleviate this stress through eliminating the unknown by asking a trusted friend for one thing they like about your image and one thing which could use improvement. A reliable friend will be honest and know how to avoid hurting your feelings. 

Contributor: Caleb Backe


#14 Consider doing strength training

Not only does lifting weights improve your health, but it increases your physical strength and appearance so you have a better self-image about your body and physical capabilities.

As you get stronger and accomplish your training goals (lifting heavier weights) you get accustomed to success and achieving your goals. This confidence spreads to other aspects of your life. Strength training helps your mind, body, and spirit and helps you become ready to take on new challenges and cope with any situation life can throw at you.

Contributor: Robert S. Herbst


#15 Get out of your head

We, women, love to overthink things and focus on the 'what if's,' and that does not serve us. Instead, focus on the here and now. On what you can do, not what might happen, or what if I fail, etc. Think about what it will take to get the job done, whatever it is and only that. 

When we concentrate on what it is we need to do versus the negative banter, you will be successful. A concept is if I am mountain biking and I focus on hitting a tree going around a corner, I will undoubtedly hit the tree. If I focus on the trail, and where I need to go, 100% of the time, my bike will follow the path to a successful outcome. 

Contributor: Diana Proemm, CTRS


#16 Set your reality straight

Recognize any beliefs you hold that don't reflect your truth, such as:

  • Women are only meant to do certain things in the world
  • Remain feminine by being meek and self-deprecating
  • Don't shine too brightly because others may not feel comfortable with your brightness
  • Women aren't supposed to speak up and show how smart they are

Embrace your wisdom:

  • Recognize that women have a uniqueness that comes from being  a woman
  • Value your innate ability to see how actions and ideas can affect the whole

Express the truth of Who You Are:

  • That you are unique and have a right to fully express that uniqueness in ways that contribute positively to share what you know to be a Truth

Women can unveil their Confidence by accessing their individual truth and worth through removal of the layers of accumulated beliefs, judgments, opinions and more.

Contributor: Avilone Bailey

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