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Take Control Of Your Career! 24 Tips To Ace An Interview

Being interviewed is never easy. It’s a make or break moment that can go either way. I cannot count the number of times I thought an interview went well, but I ended up not getting the job. Luckily for you, with a little bit of preparation, research, and reading you can ace any interview. Here are 24 tips that will help you ace every interview you go to.

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#1 Do something to take care of yourself the morning of the interview

Do something to take care of yourself the morning of the interview! Maybe it's exercise, a better breakfast than usual, a gratitude list, or even watching an episode of your favorite TV show. Instead of running on autopilot the morning of, intentionally do something that makes you happy. It will improve your mood and leave you feeling more optimistic and ready!

Contributor: Tess Ausman


#2 Recite a mantra

There's a lot of research out there on the impact of mantras. They calm your mind, reduce nerves, and help you to focus. Any phrase that boosts your confidence before an interview works! Try one of these: I'm at my best today and am going to rock this interview or I am smart and strong and a perfect fit for this role.

Contributor: Tess Ausman


#4 Be authentic

Authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one's own personality or character. When you’re authentic and show who you really are and as a result, you’ll be more calm and confident. Remember, they are already interested in you otherwise, you wouldn’t be in the room. In most cases, part of the interview is to gauge if your personality and attitude meshes with the established culture of the team or company so be you, be bold and be sincere in your responses to their questions. 

Contributor: Patrick Colvin


#5 Know Your Resume

Don’t get caught surprised in the interview if a hiring manager cites parts of your resume. This is your work history and a document you should be very familiar with. You need to be prepared to speak on all the experiences you have listed as well as provide additional details if asked. 

Read through your resume immediately after being contacted for an interview. Make sure it accurately reflects your experience and there are no errors you originally overlooked. You can always bring an updated resume to the interview, but it’s best to make sure your resume is an accurate representation of you when you first apply.

Contributor: Robin Schwartz


#6 Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect, right? In interviews, it certainly helps. Create a response to some basic interview questions like “tell me about yourself” or “why are you interested in the position” and practice them out loud. Pay attention to whether you use “filler” words (um, like, uh, etc.). If you notice that you do (or others have pointed it out in the past), practicing your responses will help you in staying calm under pressure.

Contributor: Robin Schwartz


#7 Print your resume and/or portfolio

This may seem like a no-brainer, but technology has not invalidated the need for printed copies of important documents. In some interviews, you may meet several people at the company at different times, so bring at least five copies and one for yourself. 

In many professions, you may also need examples of your past work in a portfolio. This should be presented in an order that is most recent and most relevant to the potential position. Print at least one full-color bound copy for your interviewers as well as a USB with your resume and PDF of your portfolio to leave with your interviewer so they can review at their leisure.

Contributor: Breanna Metcalf-Oshinsky


#8 Review your social media

The information you post on social media is easily accessible and will be reviewed by any prospective employer. Before going after your next dream job, look over your accounts and see if you would be comfortable showing them to a future boss. 

Even if your account is private, this is still a necessary step that should be taken seriously and even more so for those in marketing, public relations or other public-facing positions that touch on social media expertise.

Contributor: Breanna Metcalf-Oshinsky


#10 Do not rehash anything in your resume

Starting out, do not rehash anything on your resume when someone asks you to tell them about yourself. Summarizing your resume is just awful for the interviewer - they can read. Instead, name 2-3 things they should know about your personality, how you work, your passions or interests that relate to the position, what your drivers are, etc.

Contributor: Nicole Littmann


#11 Explain what your work strategy would be

Explain what your work strategy would be like if this company hires you, and why it would help them achieve the results they're looking for.

You should study the company you want to work for before the interview and think about what you can do for them.

It's fine to talk about your previous jobs, achievements and why you want to work for this company during the interview. But if you show them that you already have a plan, your interviewers will realize that you're very prepared, skilled and self-confident.

This will definitely give you the edge over the competition.

Contributor: Gregory Golinski


#12 Confidence

Confidence - Although many people have the tendency to be on the defensive when entering an interview, it’s crucial to know exactly what you have to offer and exhibit the appropriate confidence. People recognize how you present yourself, which means that if you are viewed as somebody with proper self-esteem, competence, reliability, and commitment, you will inevitably be taken more seriously. 

Because so many people lack self-confidence and poise, these virtues have become extremely valuable desired by hiring committees. For instance, by demonstrating your confidence and abilities without coming off as entitled or conceited, prospective employees effectively illustrate their aptitude to be a team leader and even improve the workplace environment. 

Contributor: Nate Masterson


#13 Be yourself, have fun, hustle.

There is a refreshing nature that we give off when we are just being ourselves. It will not only relax you, but it will relax the interviewer as well allowing you to connect with them through the answers that you give. The “have fun” part is important because, well, just about everything in life is better when it’s fun! And last but not least, hustle! Do your homework, find people that have been interviewed by this company before and find out what they are looking for, dress the part, show up early, etc. 

Contributor: Nick Glassett


#19 Do Your Research

Hopefully, you’re aware of the company you’ll be interviewing with since jobs aren’t just what you do but where you do them. It’s important to do your due diligence when it comes to researching information on the organization. 

Spend a significant amount of time taking a look at the company’s website and trying to collect information from there. Who should you know? How many staff do they have? Where do they operate? Pay specific attention to their mission statement or core values if they have them. Being able to recite some of this information in casual interview conversation will be very impressive.

Contributor: Robin Schwartz


#24 Observe the environment

Observe the environment where you are going to be interviewed. Take note of details. You could be asked the 'littlest' thing. I sat in an interview once and the interviewer asked the applicant to identify the things that were wrong with the room she was seated in and she started to look around. It was so obvious that she was and after it all, she still could not identify that the walls were slightly dirty and that the chairs in the room were mismatched.

Contributor: Chinedu Okigbo


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