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Fun Ideas For Hosting A Circus-Themed Kids Birthday Party At Your Home

The possibilities are endless when you’re hosting a circus kids party since there are so many ideas that you can utilize for making it the perfect extravagant affair that will be not be easily forgotten. Here are a few great ideas that you can consider when you’re planning a circus party for your child.

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You can opt for circus-themed digital or printed invitations. The great thing about a circus theme is that you can go all out, and you’ll have no color restrictions. The more colorful, the better. These invitations can get your little guests excited about the prospect of circus fun.

Food And Drinks

What is more exciting than having all your scrumptious circus foods in one place? Kids love all-time favorites that are easy to make and will have them munching away. An essential part of any party is the food and drink selection. If your budget permits it, you can even consider renting a cotton candy machine, chocolate fountain, or popcorn machine. For drinks, you can serve root beer or lemonade. When you’re considering a circus party, all kinds of carnival foods are an excellent choice.

Favorite circus party foods include:

  • Nachos
  • Licorice
  • Colorful candy
  • Peanuts (just find out if anyone has a peanut allergy)
  • Cotton candy
  • Rock candy
  • Circus animal cookies
  • Clown cupcakes
  • Salted or caramel popcorn


When you’re considering the décor, imagine loads of color. You can dress-up the place with different shaped and colored balloons and even hang streamers. For the entryway, you can set up arches of red, blue, and yellow balloons. If the weather is permitting, your backyard is the perfect venue for a circus party. And when you have a large backyard, you can even opt for circus tent hire Canberra. Nothing says carnival or circus like a colorful tent. For extra effect, you can engage your kids to decorate handmade carnival posters, or if you have old carnival posters lying around, they are perfect for hanging on trees or fences. You can find some of them online or at flea markets for purchase. Another great idea is to set up separate booths for taking photos, party games, birthday presents, etc.


The possibilities are endless as you can engage the kids in all sorts of party games and even hire a clown to make animal balloons to entertain the kids.

Photo by Gavin Allanwood on UnsplashDressing Up

There are so many options that you can think of when dressing up for a circus-themed party. Fun novelty items such as clown noses, colored wigs, clown hats, and many more can be purchased at party or toy stores. Maybe include all the guests by mentioning on the invites that everyone attending must dress-up according to the theme.

Party Favors

For party favors, you can fill up carnival-themed popcorn containers with fun carnival candy like animal crackers, popcorn, gummy candy, peanuts, carousel twists, etc.

While a circus-theme works well for kids’birthday parties, many of these food, decoration, and party favor ideas can be reused for other events such as baby showers, first birthday parties and even adult themed dress up parties.


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