Outside Forces (3/12)

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Sometimes it’s an outside force that brings reconciling about. Some parents said that the spouse of an adult child was instrumental in bringing them back together. Sometimes a sibling helps facilitate a sister’s or brother’s return to the fold. Most often, my survey revealed that reconciliation is initiated in the face of big events. A baby is born or on the way, a family member dies, a wedding occurs, or the adult son or daughter who estranged themselves is going through a divorce or facing a life threatening illness.

Contributor: Sheri McGregor, M.A. at Done With The Crying and rejected parents

Written by James Metcalfe


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  1. Spouse? Ha! Their abusive spouse is the one keeping her from us. He has her completely isolated from her family and friends in effort to control her. Sheri, you need to do more research regarding spouse’s significant role in the estrangement!

  2. When a family member dies they are off celebrating. When a baby is born that is one more grandchild you won’t see. Weddings are parties that exclude you. Your child’s divorce is a time when they are dating again. I don’t believe this survey.

  3. Beware siblings with reconciliation agendas. When I was 10 years my dad shouted while abusing me “.he had to restrain himself from KILLING me.”Today I want NO relationship with my parents & my sister doesn’t want elderly parent burdens. Tough for sis

  4. I don’t see a happy ending for my situation. I truly hope I am wrong but it doesn’t look like there are any rainbows on the horizon – only storms.

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