Roam Oatmeal: Quality Packable Instant Oatmeal (9/16)

SmithRockWithName Roam Oatmeal: Quality Packable Instant Oatmeal

Roam Oatmeal is gluten free, organic, packable instant oatmeal. Just add hot water into the pouch, stir, wait a minute, and enjoy.

Backpacking food should be delicious, convenient, and keep you going, and we are proud to have a product that does exactly that. Made in Portland with only organic ingredients, this oatmeal is inspired by and designed for the beautiful backcountry and wild spaces of the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere the trail might take you. Roam Oatmeal is packable instant oatmeal. With our prepare in pouch packaging, you can just pour hot water straight into the pouch to make up a serving of these tasty oats. Each pouch also has at least 10 grams of protein and 300 calories to keep you going well into your adventure. We have 4 great flavors: cinnamon pecan, chocolate peanut butter, hazelnut mocha, and coconut cranberry (vegan).

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