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5 Books to Read to Expand your Knowledge (of Everything)

Knowledge is power, and if you are after a new source of knowledge then these books are a great place to start. Here are 5 books to read that will expand your knowledge of life.

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#1 Artful Design by Ge Wang

Can technology be ‘ARTFUL’? Is a music programming language that lets your play the piano on your cell phone a feat of technology or an instrument? Or is it a toy? Stanford Professor Ge Wang explores these questions -- and his own interdisciplinary genius -- in his first book ARTFUL DESIGN: TECHNOLOGY IN SEARCH OF THE SUBLIME.

This is a book for anyone who has ever been  curious, excited, or concerned about how we shape technology, and how technology shapes us in turn. If you're looking for the next best book in design, one that dives into the crosshairs of how we can make better designs, and bring humanity and emotion into our technology -- this is it.

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#2 Sex Education for Adults by John Wilder

The reason that couples go to a marriage counselor is that they want to learn how to stop fighting and make the pain stop. Guess what? Marriage counselors get ZERO training in conflict resolution skills. Couples then incorrectly infer that since the marriage counselor can't fix their marriage that it must not be fixable so we may as well get divorced. Once that happens, if mama has daughters, you would not believe how many women have confided to me that they were serially raped by mama's new boyfriend or stepdad. The best review on the book is by a licensed marriage counselor who credits the book for saving his marriage. The book is on the AASECT recommended reading list.

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Contributor: John Wilder 

#3 Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

This book by Malcolm Gladwell gives some perspective on the idea of success. It highlights that intelligence and hard work are just part of the picture, and that practice makes perfect. Through mentioning specific successful personalities such as Bill Gates and the Beatles, Gladwell gives an interesting and informative take on how to achieve what you want.

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Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

#4 Patient Advocacy Matters by Teri Dreher

In today’s complex, profit-driven healthcare system, obtaining quality care is more challenging than ever. It led Teri Dreher, an RN with more than 37 years of critical care nursing experience, to become a professional patient advocate in 2011. She’s published a how-to book for healthcare consumers to help them advocate for themselves and their families which is now in its second printing.

“Patient Advocacy Matters: The Ultimate How-to Guide to Protect Your Health, Your Rights, Your Life and Your Loved Ones” is designed as a resource for individuals trying to navigate today’s confusing, often-intimidating healthcare system. The book is filled with fascinating stories about Dreher’s experiences as nurse, professional advocate and concerned family member. In addition, it’s filled with practical strategies that healthcare recipients can use to:· Get the best care in hospitals, while staying safe· Ask the right questions when weighing treatment options· Help seniors make the right healthcare and living choices· Navigate Medicare and the Affordable Care Act· Know when it’s time to turn to a professional advocate

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#5 Mentor: The Kid & The CEO by Walter Jenkins

The Kid & The CEO contains numerous valuables and principles that can transform all areas of people's lives. It hits on physical, mental, and even spiritual growth. This book contains lessons such as the importance and benefits of a consistent exercise routine, how to budget and save money, and how to more positively connect with people. There are lessons to be learned for all readers.

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