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3 Great Film Recommendations For A Night With The Parents

With the winter cold nights coming upon us, ’tis the season to start preparing for the classic night in with the family and a good movie on the television. Finding a film that will combine the entertainment value with a good acceptable message a parent will enjoy can be troublesome, but thankfully that’s where this article comes in…

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#1 Wonder Woman

Sure dad might be internally noting the short armoured skirt and mom might be noting unrealistic beauty ideals based on the eye-popping genes of Israeli actor Gal Gadot, but this film has it all: action, romance, not too much gore, inferred sex. And while we all have our jaws dropped by the beauty of the filmmaking style of Patty Jenkins, it also opens the door to talk more to dad about gender roles in today's society. To mom about the importance of female superheroes for the little girls out there who need someone to look up to.

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#2 Molly’s Game

Okay, okay she may have gotten mixed up with the mob in a gambling scheme gone wrong, but this Aaron Sorkin film showcases the brilliant talent of Oscar-nominated actor Jessica Chastain in a story which is really about trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship.

It deals with the true story of a good person just trying to make a living under questionable circumstances and coming out of it with grace and integrity, after a very public and humiliating court battle. A movie night about learning from your bad decisions and rising like a Phoenix. Mom and dad will surely feel pride that no matter what you may have done in your life which they don't approve, at least you didn't make your fortune on illegal gambling streams, that they know of.

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#3 A Quiet Place

Yes, there are upsetting moments but this suspenseful gem is sure to pique anyone's interest with it's beautiful imagery, themes of the importance of family, children rising up against evil forces, and a dad who would sacrifice everything for the safety of his family. This directorial debut by John Krasinksi could almost be filed under family film, if it weren't for the blood, scares, and one iconic bathtub scene. A Quiet Place puts family first and is the perfect addition to most streaming queues.

Contributor: Christie Conochalla from

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