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A Guide to Find the Right 5th Wheel Hitch for Your Adventures

Global tourism has been growing consistently for the past few years. Today, more and more people are exploring unique and uncharted destinations, searching for picturesque views and adventure. Suppose you are an avid traveler who likes to explore different terrains. A 5th wheel hitch is what you need. Here, look at what it is and how to buy the right one.

What Are 5th Wheel Hitches?

The standard 5th wheel hitches are a particular type of camper connected and tied to your truck. The hitch is tied to the truck’s bed rather than the towing part. This highlights the main difference between a 5th wheel hitch and a standard camper.

Here’s a guide to help you find the right hitch for your adventures.

Know Your Truck’s Ability

This is the first step into buying the best 5th wheel hitches for your adventures. If you don’t know about your truck’s ability, you may end up buying the wrong thing. It is essential to know your truck’s towing capacity, as it will help you choose the right trailer for you. The hitch you need depends on your truck’s capacity and the trailer you decide to tie up with.

Determine Your Truck’s Segment and Size

Trucks mainly come in two segments and sizes, the long bed trucks and short bed trucks. It is easier to choose a 5th wheel hitch for a long bed truck, as there is ample space to mount the tool. In comparison, short bed trucks have less free space in the truck’s bed, so that it might get tricky sometimes.

It is better to determine your truck’s segment and size before you buy a hitch. This will ensure that you get the right one.

Check for Puck System

Today, many pickup trucks come with puck systems preinstalled from factories. You should check if your truck has a puck system or not. The system eases out your efforts and provides a better mounting point for your hitch.

If you don’t have a puck system, you can easily purchase it with the 5th wheel hitch. The installation procedures will become pretty easy, and your hitch will also be more durable.

Decide Between Fixed or Removable Rails

Wheel rails need to be mounted over puck systems to accommodate 5th wheel hitches. There are two main types of rails prevalent in the market. A fixed rail will be fixed permanently to your truck bed. In comparison, a removable rail can be removed if there is some need.

If you travel frequently, it is preferable to use a fixed rail system. But if the truck is your primary vehicle, too, then you should choose a removable rail, as it provides much more flexibility and is often loved by adventure travelers.

Finally, Choose a Hitch

After completing all of the above procedures, it’s time to select a 5th wheel hitch. There are multiple types available in the market. The hitch you choose should accommodate all the above points.

Hitches are an easier way to take your trailer to different places. Hence it is essential to have an excellent one. To be safe and enjoy most of your adventures, go with the most suitable hitch only.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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