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Strengthen Your Faith: 6 Books To Keep You Connected

Struggles or moments of doubt are natural parts of any believers lifestyle, though the severity of such instances sometimes make pulling yourself out of such a lull something of a challenge. With the aid of these expertly-picked books below however, there will never a be time where you’re struggling to be at one with your faith.

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#1 Searching for God in the Garbage – Bracha Goetz

"What a beautifully written book. The raw honesty and eloquent writing style took my breath away. Great for anyone trying to find a deeper meaning in life."

Searching for God in the Garbage helps readers uncover their own souls.

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Contributor: Bracha Goetz

  1. When groping for the light bulb in the darkness of life, miraculously a once-in-a-lifetime story comes out that places your hand on the switch. Bracha Goetz was my guardian angel. Must read.

  2. Truly an inspiring story of how she turned her life around after connecting with her faith. Very relatable to anyone who has had issues with self esteem, food, or body image.

  3. This is for anyone – male or female. Everyone has to find their way to faith. Bracha shows us what happened with her; what worked for her. I could so relate to every nuance; the wonder, the research, the questions, and finally when the light bulb.

#2 Kill The Spider – Carlos Whittaker

This is a book about Carlos Whittaker's journey and struggles with his faith. He is a People's Choice Award Winner and former recording artist. In his book he talks about how self-help books are all about clearing away cobwebs that are holding you back from the hope, happiness and peace that one strives for.

Unfortunately, the cobwebs keep coming back until you root out the spider that is recreating them. The spiders represent the false ideas that you believe. The spiders (false truths) attach to you during difficult circumstances in your life that leave you beat-up and discouraged. Whittaker walks you through the very process he used to discover his spiders and how you can identify and kill yours as well leaving you free of the recurring cobwebs once and for all.

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Contributor: Lindy Schneider from

#3 Lost and Found – Sarah Jakes

This book is a memoir of Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts' life detailing the story of her own personal struggle with faith and what that looked like. From being a teen mother experiencing brokenness and church hurt, toxic relationships, waitressing at a strip club, divorce and everything in between- Sarah is extremely candid in sharing the truth of her journey from lost to found.

By doing this, she lets her readers know that they can never veer so far that God's grace cannot reach them and they are not alone in their (faith) struggles. In fact, like Sarah, the light is actually probably in their struggle or wound.

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#4 Get Along With Everyone – Rabbi Shimon Gruen

Many people confuse struggling with their faith and struggling with specific people in their faith. Perhaps they don't get along with a religious leader, or fellow congregant. I recommend Rabbi Shimon Gruen's Get Along With Everyone: Especially Those You Find Most Challenging.

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Contributor: Joseph Sherman

#5 The Prison Effect – Alena Chapman

The Prison Effect, which shares Alena's own inspiring and courageous story on how she was able to heal herself after her divorce into a successful single mother and entrepreneur, revolves around how women can discover how they are blocking their own happiness, and how they can break free to discover true abundance and joy in their lives.

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#6 The Science of God – Gerald Schroeder

For people struggling to integrate science and religion, I recommend books by MIT trained scientist Dr. Gerald Schroeder. He shows how a careful reading of the Bible and science can go together in a way that people of diverse religious backgrounds can appreciate.

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Contributor: Joseph Sherman

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